Ten Things To Know About Me

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Hi, thanks for stopping by and let’s just get this nice-to-meet-you-awkwardness out of the way first. Oh, you don’t think the whole get-to-know-me-thing is a little awkward? Must just be me then. Phew. Is it hot in here or does meeting new people make you sweat too?

Let’s just get to it, shall we? My name is Anne and I’m an author living in Sydney, Australia.

There! That wasn’t so hard, was it? Thank goodness there’s a couple of screens separating us, is all I can say. You know that person that stutters their way through a self-introduction at any group event? That’s me.

At least writing gives me the blessing of never having to worry if I’ll get a word out on the first try! Here are ten things to know about me and I hope you’ll drop a few to get to know you in the comments below.

  1. I’m currently working on my first book, which is almost finished, and will be released soon. It’s a fun, non-fiction (yes, there is such a thing!) and I’m so excited to get it out into the world so I can commit to my next project, which is already underway.
  2. My favourite type of book to read (and movie to watch) is a rom-com. Funny, contemporary romances are my weakness and are a likely winner over sleep some nights. I also enjoy non-fiction on topics that I’m interested in which range from health to biographies.
  3. I have three babies (two of them are furry) that were all born within four months of one another. And I have a husband too, who I sustain with French toast, bacon and cups of tea.
  4. Besides the perfect cup of tea – extra milk, no sugar – I couldn’t function without my planner. I have a terrible memory and if I didn’t write down my to-do list, my brain might implode with all the information it’s being forced to carry around. Plus, it’s so satisfying to tick off my to-do list with a slick of a pastel highlighter at the end of every day.
  5. I really have to fight to scale back the exclamation marks. I naturally want to make sure that everyone knows I’m enthusiastic to counteract my RBF, sarcasm and lack of school spirit.
  6. I’m quite shy, so I often find social media just as intimidating as socialising in real life. In fact, it’s probably harder because you can’t gauge a comment by a facial expression. Cue the comment-posting anxiety.
  7. I’m 26 and a Virgo, which my mother would say describes me perfectly.
  8. My favourite movie is Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. I’m not sure if it’s the outfits, the soundtrack or the ridiculousness of it, but it’s stuck with me from the first time I watched it.
  9. As the above point might show, I’m obsessed with 90s and 2000s girly movies. They’re the type of movies I could watch over and over again until my husband pleads for mercy.
  10. I don’t have a favourite restaurant because I often prefer to eat at home but only if my husband is cooking.

Tell me something about yourself in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Ten Things To Know About Me

  1. It’s wonderful to get to know more about you, Anne! My name is Bianca, and I’m from Port Elizabeth, South Africa! ^^

    I laughed at the “sustain my husband with” part! I’m not the best at cooking so I sustain my fiancé with grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee. 🤣 I do love tea, myself!

    I’ve never seen Romy and Michelle but I love Lisa Kudrow so must definitely give it a watch! I’m quite partial to period dramas, rom-coms and good old comedies- my two favourite films are Pride and Prejudice (2005) and The Producers!

    Keep up the amazing writing! 😁💜


  2. Very happy I read this, today! I’m so excited for your blog! I can tell by your answers that we would 100% get along! I loooove rom-coms and they truly light me up!
    I am excited to keep following along your blogging journey!

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