Rise and Shine // My Morning Routine

bowl of cheerios with pen and laptop

I’m secretly (or now not-so-secretly) fascinated by other people’s lives. I love finding out what people who aren’t me or my family do every day – especially in the morning.

There is a lot of hype around having a great morning routine to make you successful. In fact, if you Google morning routines, you’ll find everything from books to articles to YouTube videos on getting your routine just right and I’m a big consumer of these, not because I’m going to model my morning routine off anyone else’s, but because I really am interested (read: nosy) in what other people do. This is why Balance the Grind is one of my favourite websites.

However, success is, of course, subjective to your goals and if you don’t have time to meditate for thirty minutes because you have a baby to feed, I’d say you’re successful in your own way.

If you opened my Watch Later list in YouTube, you’d find more than a normal amount of videos about morning routines, a day in the life and what I eat in a day. We are all so different and I love seeing the choices that other people make or the habits that they have to get them ready for the day.

I am all about realism. I believe that so much normalcy gets overshadowed by glossy lives that skip over the mundane and show something that is not actually realistic. Maybe I’m watching too many routines of people who live extraordinary lives, but it’s inspired me to share my morning routine. Me. An average woman.

My morning routine is dependent on days of the week. On Monday and Tuesday, my husband is home to take care of our child while I work, which gives me extra flexibility in the morning. On Wednesday and Thursday, it’s just me and bubs until her nanny arrives, at which time I start work. On Friday, the nanny arrives early so I have free time before work. On the weekend, my husband is usually home in the morning and likes to spend some time together.

However, there are some things that are constant on my weekday mornings that make up my routine.

5:30am-6am Wakeup

My child is undeniably a morning person. While I would love to get up earlier before she wakes up to do some work, I’ve most likely been up two or three times during the night to settle her. She is my alarm clock.

The first thing I do when I get up is drink a large glass of water and get bubs dressed for the day. We have some cuddles and time together before I quickly check my phone and then get dressed for my workout.

6:30am – Workout

Since having a baby, I’ve realised that I need to get my exercise out of the way early. Life was very flexible before having a baby. I could work out on my lunch break or in the evening – whenever I liked or suited me the most. Now, if I want to fit a workout in, it needs to be when my baby is in the best mood to be content to play on the floor, which is first thing in the morning.

I take half an hour to do weights, a YouTube workout or go for a walk which has me feeling energised for the day, even if I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked.

7am – Breakfast

I have breakfast with my baby every morning. We both usually have cereal, though I may get a little fancy on the weekend and make some scrambled eggs. It’s time that we can spend together before I have to start work and focus for the day.

After we’ve both finished, I’ll put on a load of washing and tidy up the kitchen.

7:30am – Plan

I could not function without my planner and calendar. I like to plan out what I need to do during the day down to the times that I need to do it. I plot out anything that I want to research and things that I need to buy. The less I have to keep in my brain, the better.

As I have a full-time job, I plan my day so that I can fit in writing and research outside of working hours while making sure that I’m able to keep the household running.

7:40am – Shower and Get Ready

Even though I work from home, it’s very important for me to make sure I’m feeling semi-professional. I do my hair and my makeup and choose something comfortable and practical to wear. After all, I could get a video call at any moment and I want to make sure I’ve got my eyebrows on.

8am – Start Work

Writing is not my full-time job. Actually, I have a full-time job and writing works around it. I work from home and try to make sure that I start work at eight every morning so that I can take a good lunch break and be ready to finish up at four in the afternoon to spend time with my baby before she goes to bed.

I start by checking emails and updating my to-do list (which is separate to my personal planner) to make sure I’m on top of all my tasks for the day. Sometimes, if the type of work allows it, I’ll listen to a chapter an audiobook while I plan.

I’m definitely a morning person, so it suits me to start work earlier so that I can finish earlier and have free time in the afternoon.

Tell me about your morning routine. Do you consider yourself a morning person, or do you find it hard to get started in the morning?

7 thoughts on “Rise and Shine // My Morning Routine

  1. I too love to read about other people’s morning routines, and yours seem to be pretty disciplined. While my morning routine is pretty set, I’m having a hard time actually honouring my wake up time. Thanks for sharing!


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