the boring job project book by anne novek

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Have you ever found yourself Googling something silly –  like where a turtle’s ears are – when you should be finishing a report? Anne knows that feeling. Her job ticks all her employment boxes – except one. She finds it downright dull.

In an effort to find some job satisfaction without having to actually change jobs, Anne embarks on a personal project to find a work-life balance. She’s got the work; now she just needs a life.

To keep her sanity after days of data and deadlines, Anne tries out a series of different hobbies to find out what interests her and gives her something to look forward when five o’clock hits. From making her own beauty products to becoming a YouTuber to growing plants, Anne will try anything that might interest her and give her something to talk about at the water cooler. But can a hobby really be enough to give her the job satisfaction that she’s after?

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